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Privacy Meets Protection

Vault@268 is NOT a financial institution. We are the first private safe deposit vault in Singapore. Our safe deposit locker system is fully automated and located in a high-security vault. You may access these lockers also, known as safe deposit boxes, from a self-service automatic teller machine (ATM) in a secure room. There is no barrier to entry for registration, and you can access your safe deposit boxes at any time of the day with no restrictions to the number of access (no access fee).

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Vault@268 is a privately-owned company offering safe deposit box rental services to individuals and businesses internationally. Our facility is safe, secure and conveniently located in the heart of Orchard Road. It is accessible 24 hours a day throughout the year. The landlord of 268 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann Development, owns a majority presence in this business. Security features are integrated into the building’s infrastructure.

Vault@268 safe deposit boxes are rented on a yearly basis. Payment is in advance, and Vault@268 will accept most credit cards, cash or certified cheques. Renewals can be done online or by depositing cash or certified cheques with Vault@268 Pte Ltd. Do come down in person during the initial sign-up; administration charges and a $200 refundable deposit apply.  

We offer two types of safe deposit box sizes – Small and Large – to secure your valuables in a private and accessible environment. Annual rental fees start from $888.00 per year. The popular large size is going for $1388.00 per year. Longer rental periods and golden number safe deposit boxes are also available.

Gunnebo Security Group has a long history as a leader in security and safety worldwide, and it provides our secure vault in Vault@268. Our European safe and security systems are installed at many locations throughout Europe and North America. Security providers like Secom secure a safe environment for our clients. 

Enjoy complete privacy when you access your safe deposit box whenever you need it. Our location is equipped with alarms, panic buttons and general video surveillance for added security. Our security system is also linked to the fire command centre in the building. Alarms and sensors monitor secure zones at all times. 2000 safe deposit boxes are protected behind reinforced concrete walls under 24-hours surveillance. 

Clients can access their safe deposit boxes at any time of the day using a touchscreen self-service terminal located in a private, secure room. Vault@268 utilizes Multi-level Identity Authentication with four levels of checks – key card, PIN, biometric scans and personal keys to open the box – requiring no interaction with our staff. Access to the room is granted using a card reader. Lockers are accessed using PIN and card, which is later opened using a key held only by the client.

Your biometric data on your access card will command a robot to deliver the identified locker to the ATM.

Safe deposit boxes are handy and provide a safe space away from your home or office to store valuables. Safe deposit boxes are ideal places to keep a household inventory of important documents and items that are valuable, not replaceable or that carry sentimental value, such as:

√  Jewellery or valuable collections or rare coins or precious metals

√  Negotiable investment instruments like bonds and stock certificates

√  Family heirlooms, photos or historical records that cannot be replaced

√  Birth certificates and adoption papers

√  Citizenship papers

√  Military documents

√  Divorce papers

√  Vital back-up data files from your PC and/or Passports, if they are seldom used

√  Important contracts and business agreements

√  Real estate deeds and mortgages

√  Confidential records and photographs 

√  Copies of important financial records that you keep at home

√  Original wills, living trust documents, powers of attorney ( complimentary Will custodian service available )

Traditionally, you do not put original wills, trust instruments, or powers of attorney in your bank safe deposit box. Contrary to that old practice and keeping up to date with client's needs, you can safely do so at Vault@268. This is what makes Vault@268 unique. Contact us for more information about our Will Custodian services.

YES. Vault@268 deploys a robotic system to retrieve and store the safe deposit box to and from the vault. The maximum allowable weight of the box is 30kg (about 66 lbs). This ensures the system operates smoothly and is not overloaded. The system has a built-in digital weight that will notify you if the inventory is too heavy.

When it comes to gold storage, the three places that come to mind are at home, the bank, or in a storage facility.

While storing gold at home may mean that it is close to you and provides for easy access, you should practice these precautions to safeguard your gold – your home safe or strongbox should be installed with surveillance cameras and alarms. Home safes can be easily broken into, especially by frenemies (those whom we thought we could trust), or be removed from the owner’s residence to be cracked open off-site.

The bank safe deposit box may prove to be safer than storing gold at home. However, some banks require you to open and maintain a deposit account with them to be able to use their safe deposit box services. These boxes are subject to availability, and you may be put on a waiting list if you are interested. When you do have a box with the banks, you are only able to access your gold during their operating hours, which may prove to be an inconvenience.

Storage facilities such as gold depositories or private safe deposit box providers are more secure than home safes or banks because of the high-security measures taken to protect their contents. Here at Vault@268, your gold is secured within six-sided reinforced concrete panels and a vault door. Your box will be delivered to you by an advanced robotic retrieval system – no staff is required to accompany you to your box – thus, your privacy is ensured. On top of that, you can only access your box via a combination of a key card, PIN and biometric scan to ensure no one else has access to your gold. This arguably makes such a storage facility the safest place for storing gold. Vault@268 is also located in Singapore, internationally recognised for being one of the safest countries in the world and a safe haven during uncertain times.

Gold and other precious metals are safe to store in a safe deposit box. These items are not prohibited in Singapore and are not restricted by most private safe deposit box providers.

Vault@268 is the safest place to store your gold. Our vault is designed with the content, its users and how to protect them in mind. Our system operates on a multi-layer identity authentication mode. Only our clients can have access to their gold and other valuables. The premise is also well-armed with security and fire infrastructure provided by both local and international leaders in security systems. With controlled temperature and humidity, Vault@268 stores the content of your boxes in the best condition.

Please note that both of our safe deposit boxes – Small and Large size – have a maximum weight capacity of <30kg to ensure the smooth operations of our robotic retrieval system. We advise all our clients not to store above 30kg to avoid any penalty incurred.

It is not advisable to store gold and silver together. Keeping them in contact will risk tarnishing the metal.

It is best to keep them separated, and if they were purchased as coins or bullion, in the original plastic wrapping (with the serial numbers) they came in. If you do not wish to keep them in their original plastic wrapping, there are individual “coin capsules” that you can buy to keep them in instead. Vault@268 also provides tampered-proof zip lock bags at our reception area for our clients to manage the content of their boxes (helps reduce bulk and creates space in their boxes).

It is also best to avoid handling your gold and silver as much as possible. If you need to handle them at any time, it is advisable to wear lint-free cotton gloves (not rubber or latex gloves) to avoid scratching the surface. Handle your precious metals carefully and only at the edges, and never use metal tweezers.

Also, make sure to store your gold and silver away from humidity or extreme temperatures and in a controlled environment similar to Vault@268.

Make sure your family knows that you have a safe deposit box and where it is located. Better yet, sign a family member on as co-owner of your safe deposit box. If you don’t tell your survivors about the safe deposit box, they won’t be able to retrieve the contents. At some point, the safe deposit box may be considered "unclaimed", and its contents turned over to the authorities for further action. 

You may alternatively sign a "Will Custodian form", which authorizes your executors to fulfil your wishes. 

If you rent the safe deposit box in your name, you, a power of attorney or the agent you designate are the only ones who can access the locked safe deposit box. A safe deposit box rented jointly with a spouse, child or friend means both of you have joint access.

Experts suggest having a designated power of attorney to handle your financial affairs - including access to your safe deposit box - in case you are unable to because you are disabled or travelling, among other reasons.

Anyone who is a co-renter of the safe deposit box has immediate access to it upon your death, but what if you are the sole renter of your safe deposit box? Many clients wrongly assume that someone with a power of attorney can access the safe deposit box after their departure. However, a power of attorney loses the authority to act on your behalf upon your death.

An executor or executrix that you designated to handle your estate after you die would gain access to your safe deposit box, but how quickly depends on the local laws.

If you legally appoint a trustee to oversee assets placed in trust before your death, that individual would also have access to the safe deposit box upon your death. 

Vault@268 offers the same assurance as a safe deposit box in a bank or other financial institution. Vault@268 recommends clients to obtain adequate insurance from their insurance agents to cover the contents of their safe deposit boxes. An added assurance for your insurance is that your items are placed within a strongroom wall resistance of Grade 8 Certification from the European Certification Board (ECB•S). It is a globally recognized certification body for security products. 

Client benefits of ECB•S certification:

  Maximum quality assurance thanks to independent quality monitoring

√  Improvement in the rating situation for loan applications and residual risk insurance

√  Transparency for insurance companies

√  Compliance with European standards on IT protection

To protect the privacy of our clients, we do not have access to their PIN code in our system. In the event you forget your PIN code, please come to our sales office in person with proper identification and we will assist you by setting a new PIN code.


Yes, you can after identity verification is cleared. Charges apply.

Our service team is always available on the telephone to help our valued clients. Call us at (+65) 67377268 to book an appointment at your convenience, and we will attend to you at the facility. Please bring along your identity document for verification purposes. Charges apply.

Our robotic system operates similarly to a logistic tracking system. This management system has been used for decades and is widely used across many industries. No instances of the wrong safe deposit box being delivered have occurred. Access card, PIN code and key combination dictate the activities of all safe deposit boxes in Vault@268.

There is no limit to the number of boxes or the rental duration of each box. For instance, you can rent 10 boxes for a year or a box for ten years.

You have the option to arrange more access cards corresponding to the number of your safe deposit boxes. Ideally, you may have all your safe deposit boxes associated with one access card to simplify the inventory of your safe deposit boxes. Charges apply.


Offsite storage is widely practised since the early days for reasons we read in the news, such as home invasions, fires and natural disasters.

Do you still need a safe deposit box if your belongings are covered by insurance? While it may be less important for items that are claimable by insurance, it may not be the case for items that cannot be duplicated or replaced, such as rare family photos or heirlooms. An offsite safe deposit box can give these valuables complete protection.

Tip: Place all documents and fragile items in a ziplock bag or airtight container before putting them in your safe deposit box. This could help protect your valuables from humidity damage.

There are many good reasons, including:

SAFETY – Unlike the banks, your safe deposit box at Vault@268 is protected behind a 6-sided reinforced steel and concrete room, a vault door that is never opened, under 24/7 armed motion detectors, alarms, smoke and heat detectors. With all the latest electronic countermeasures, our facility is much safer than under your bed, in your home safe or in your lawyer´s office.

CONFIDENTIALITY – Your identity is secret.

PROXIMITY – Singapore is the hub of South-East Asia, within hours of any city in the region and serviced by one of the world’s best airports and countless airlines. Vault@268 is centrally located in Orchard Road, the heart of Singapore’s prestigious shopping belt. It is easily accessible by public transport and from anywhere on the island.

PRIVACY – Vault@268 does not ask, use or provide your private data or personal information to anyone apart from information needed to ensure you have the right to access your safe-deposit box.

During Covid19, our facility remains open to our clients.

Vault@268 does not impose any time restrictions, unlike banks. Your safe deposit box is accessible 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with our fully automated system. You are not at the mercy of the bank’s operating hours.

Vault@268 does not impose a minimum investment to qualify for a safe deposit box. If you travel frequently, this service provides an alternative to your safe storage without compromising safety and accessibility to your precious possession.

The major differences between a bank vault and Vault@268 are that the vault door is locked at all times and clients can only access it via the ATM. Unlike banks that have attendance co-accessing your safe deposit box. Your safe deposit box is accessible 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with our fully automated system.

You access your safe deposit box conveniently and discreetly. You can be in and out of your safe deposit box in a matter of minutes – no signature verification, no hassles – safe, secure and convenient.

Drop in for a quick transaction at our facility after shopping with your friends, before heading down an event or before catching a transit flight during a stopover at 2:00 am.


Vault@268 is not a Bank. You are not required to have a premier banking account with a minimum balance to be entitled to keep your valuables in one of our safe deposit boxes.

Due to the confidentially of content in your safe deposit boxes and our respect for your privacy, we are unable to insure against all potential liabilities that may arise through our clients' use of our services. It is always a good idea to insure against any losses you may suffer that we do not accept liability for. Please refer to our sales team for more information.

Yes, they are, subject to the nature of your business. A safe deposit box is a tax-deductible company expense.