Safe Storage That Works For You

Whom can I trust?

I want my very own, ultra-secure deposit box accessible at a convenient central Orchard Road location 24 hours a day. Vault @268 assures me total privacy, unmatched security and easy access to my valuables whenever I need it.

Not sure who to trust these days – trust yourself.

I value my time

I really value the privacy and convenience of my own personal vault but I don't want to waste time accessing it or be restricted when I can

Time is your other valuable commodity.

I love my family

I want all my valuable items in one safe location accessible to my family of anything should happen to me.

Leave nothing to chance – especially your family's security.

I want to be relaxed and comfortable

No matter where I am or what I am doing I want peace of mind knowing my valuables are safe and secure.

Where are your valuables right now?

I value my privacy

I want to preserve my privacy at all costs and not having to deal with institutions
or people suits me fine.

Do others respect your privacy?

I'm not sure where my data is

Can I be sure the my clients’ and business data is secure and private?

Keeping data back-up off-site is easier than you think

We want easy and secure access
to our valuables

I want to able to access my jewellery and personal effects at any time, unrestricted
and in a safe location.

Accessibility is key.


Vault @268 is as easy to use as drawing money from an ATM, anybody can do it, but if you would like to understand better how it works this section will help