A sense of security is not true security

Thursday, May 18 2017 03:44 PM

The unjust imprisonment of Ahok, an impeachment of Park Geun-hye, the lunacy of a president for world power, an ongoing Malaysia corruption scandal and Brexit, all occurred within the span of 2 years. Geopolitics is at its worst in living memory! Change is certain, it will be wise to relook at the perception of your long-term financial status. 
Widely known, any discerning individuals accumulate assets via a myriad of financial structures and instruments. Those instruments are also experiencing tightening of policies like the recent AEOI as an example. It looks like no one is protected from wealth and power confiscation anymore, much less the false sense of security of door locks and home safes. The global power shifts and geopolitical risks ridicule this “sense” of security ever more.  
Little do people understand that true protection is in fact tightly woven together with privacy and ease of access. Asset preservation calls for relocation to safe havens anytime, away from physical vulnerability and unwarranted levy. Diverse portfolios are widely advised and mobility is an important aspect of this diversification. We know asset management in this form mitigate asset correlations and risk. 
Ethnical ambiguity currently reminds that ease of relocation is an important aspect of true security. Safe deposit boxes offer reprieve from political developments. Numerous private vaults located in various geographic diversity provide secured storage globally. However, traditional old fashion dual key system contradicts portability. It compromises accessibility and privacy of discerning individuals.  Research shows that moving trends are onboard with biometrics and robotics in line with Fintech. The market is embracing such authentication methods, not only does it provide enhanced user experience, it emulates consumer trust, engagement, and loyalty without compromising security and mobility. Vault@268 is the de facto wealth protection alternative in this century.  
This is true security located perfectly between convenience and privacy. 

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