Don't Keep Illegal Items in Self-storage Facilities: Self-Storage Association Asia

Monday, Dec 12 2016 10:17 AM

SINGAPORE - The Self-Storage Association Asia (SSAA) on Monday (Dec 12) issued a statement warning customers not to store illegal items at self-storage facilities. This is after Singapore Customs seized 5,635 cartons of contraband cigarettes at a self-storage facility on Dec 7.

The SSAA said it "takes the matter seriously" and developed a poster detailing a list of prohibited activities and storage items in July this year.

Said Ms Helen Ng, chairman of the SSSA: "Sleeping in a self-storage facility and storing inflammable and contraband items are all prohibited at self-storage facilities. We encourage our members to put up the posters at their facilities so their customers are fully aware of what they can and cannot do, or store."

Last Wednesday, Singapore Customs seized the contraband cigarettes from a self-storage facility in the north-east of the country, after monitoring a shipment from China that had been declared as decorative items.











The duty-unpaid cigarettes were seized at a self-storage facility in the north-east of Singapore on Wednesday (Dec 7).

The total amount of unpaid duty and goods and services taxes amounted to about $437,280 and $44,020 respectively.

Singapore Customs' head of the special investigation branch, Mr Tok Choon Min, advised operators of self-storage facilities last Friday to "exercise proper due diligence in screening persons renting their facilities".

He also urged operators to report suspected illegal cigarette activities on their premises to Singapore Customs.

PUBLISHED DEC 12, 2016, 10:17 AM SGT