Five things you didn’t know you can claim under travel insurance

Thursday, Aug 06 2015 01:10 PM

Here are five scenarios that you can make a claim against under your travel insurance policy.

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July 30, 2015

After weeks of anticipation, you’re finally off on your much-needed holiday. The last thing you want is for something unplanned for to happen during your trip – a family emergency that you need to attend to, a sudden illness keeping you from catching the musical you’ve already paid for, or inclement weather delaying your travel plans.

This is when a travel insurance policy can come in handy and provide that extra cover you never thought you would need. Here are five scenarios that you can make a claim against under your travel insurance policy:

1. You need to cut your trip short because a family member has suddenly passed away.

When your trip is curtailed because of unexpected, extenuating circumstances, such as the demise of a close relative, you can make a claim on the unused, paid portion of your travel expenses and/or accommodation. Depending on the type of plan purchased, the claim amount for travel curtailment ranges from approximately $5,000 to $15,000.

2. You lost your travel documents due to a natural disaster.

A traveller was in his hotel when an earthquake happened. He quickly evacuated, taking only his personal belongings, including his passport, with him. However in the ensuing chaos, he found his passport missing.

In this instance, travel insurance will pay for his travel expenses (including flight and hotel accommodation) to the nearest embassy to replace his passport, as well as the cost incurred to replace the passport.

3. Your pet has to spend one more night at the pet hotel due to a delay in your flight.

If your flight is delayed such that you are late in collecting your fur kid from the pet hotel, the insurance company can pay up to $50 for every six consecutive hours of delay. This is subject to the limit specified by the plan you had purchased. You just need to provide written proof from the airline stating the reason for the delay, the scheduled and actual departure time of the flight, and/or written proof from the pet hotel stating the original and actual pick-up dates.

4. You bought concert tickets but won’t be able to use them.

Whether you are travelling free and easy or on a tour package, you may have bought tickets to watch a concert, visit a theme park, or some other additional entertainment options.

For example, you are visiting Hong Kong, and have purchased a ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland in advance. However, during the trip, you come down with food poisoning and the doctor advises bed rest for the day of your intended visit to Disneyland. With travel insurance, you will be able to claim the full cost of the ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland or up to the limit of the benefit, depending on the type of plan purchased.

There could also be situations where travel advisories have been issued by the World Health Organisation or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against travel to a destination that you have already paid for before the announcement was made. You will be able make a claim for not only the full cost of the air ticket, but also tickets to attractions or entertainment experiences.

5. You incur additional charges on your rental car due to an accident or injury.

Travellers enjoy protection when they rent a vehicle on their holiday overseas. The insurance benefit will either pay for any excess charges you incur if the rental vehicle is damaged in an accident, or the cost of returning the rental vehicle in the event you are hospitalised following the accident.

For example, you are on an 11-day self-drive trip in New Zealand but you break your leg in an accident on the sixth day and need to be hospitalised. You need to engage a third-party to help you return the rental car. The third-party charges can be covered by travel insurance.

No one knows what can possibly go wrong on their next trip abroad. So get wise and purchase a comprehensive travel insurance which could 

protect you against unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays, baggage loss and even travel agent insolvency.

Disclaimer: The scenarios depicted above are purely hypothetical. Benefits will vary depending on the specific travel insurance policy you purchase. You should always check against the terms and conditions of your own travel insurance policy to know the benefits available to you.
With special thanks to AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. for its contributions to the article.

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