Amazon Wants To Deliver A New Concept In Just 2 Minutes

Monday, Aug 28 2017 04:16 PM

Faster, Higher, Farther: In online commerce, the most important factor is the success of a company, namely the speed with which goods are delivered. Amazon is one of the forerunners in the delivery speed and has been offering a delivery service for some products and regions for the same day.

If that is still too slow, it will be amazed by Amazon’s new project.

Instant Pickup is called Amazons new project. This should allow customers to pick up orders in a safe two minutes after the confirmation.

Amazon has previously limited the new concept through an online survey. The participants were asked about their favorite order methods. The customers therefore wanted an order option by app. In addition, the respondents wanted to be able to pick up orders within a few minutes. This is to be possible with the help of packing stations. The first will soon be installed near universities.

An Amazon executive told the Wall Street Journal that the original idea was a completely different one. First, Instant Pickup should be a kind of small store that provides a selection of important and frequently used products.

But the respondents put little emphasis on the interaction with humans and so changed the concept of the Amazon and now all the goods by smartphone order.

The test run will take place at five locations in the USA: Atlanta, College Park, Columbus, Los Angeles, Ohio and Berkeley. The order can only be ordered via the app. After the order, the user receives a code, which must be read by the smartphone. The customer is then able to open a safe-deposit box a few minutes after the order and pick up the goods.

Without staff it is not. In the vicinity of the packing stations warehouse warehouses will be stationed and the staff will have to fill the packing station within two minutes. The selection is limited to just under 100 items, including snacks, other non-perishable foods and drinks.

In addition to a smartphone with the Amazon app, a prime subscription is also essential to use the service. The offer is to be massively expanded in the coming months and could make small kiosks strong competition.

Each Prime Client may use the Service. Even if the first stations are universities, you do not have to be a student to participate in the test phase. Power supplies for smartphones should also be available with the service as these devices are particularly popular and are always needed quickly in the event of a loss.


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