Keep your valuables safe at this new safe deposit box facility

Tuesday, May 19 2015 01:21 PM

A safe deposit box is a useful thing to have for keeping your possessions safe. Enter Vault@268, Singapore’s first private safe deposit box facility, which opened in April 2015. Here are four things we like about it:

1 It’s secure.

There are multiple levels of security at Vault@268. To access your box, you first use a security card and provide biometric identification to enter a secure room. An automated machine then dispenses your personal safe deposit box – which you have to unlock with your own personal key – after you’ve keyed in your PIN number. Additionally, the facility is protected around the clock by numerous security and fire detection systems.

2 It’s very private.

The boxes are dispensed by robots, and there is no staff present, so you won’t have to worry about anyone peeking at your prized – and private – possessions.

3 It’s easy to get to.

Unlike banks, which have restricted operating hours, Vault@268 is accessible around the clock. This means that you can easily deposit your valuables after hours. The facility is also centrally located in Orchard Road, just beside The Heeren.

4 It won’t cost an arm and a leg.

You pay $888 per year for a small box (137mm x 325mm x 235mm) and $1,388 for a large box (206mm x 325mm x 235mm). A reasonable price to pay for maximum security and privacy, we say. Vault@268 is located at 268 Orchard Road, tel: 6737-7268,

by Delle Chan May 19, 2015

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