Keeping Important Documents Safe

Friday, Jul 31 2015 03:48 PM

Although many of our documents today can be stored online, there are those paper documents that are irreplaceable.

According to the Consumer Reports National Research Center one in four Americans have lost an important financial document and only 40% of Americans could locate their important documents such as social security cards or tax returns. Becky Timmons the Vice President of Marketing at the Montana Federal Credit Union recommends that your important documents go in a fire and water proof safe, so that you can locate these documents easily and know they will be protected.

"Birth certificates, passports, tax returns, beneficiary information, anything that you will need if you have to start your life over." said Timmons.

Timmons also recommends scanning these documents, so you have an electronic copy, but put them on an external hard drive. Don't use online data storage because this will make you susceptible to hackers. Another option is purchasing a safe deposit box at your bank or credit union.

By Morgan Davies, Updated: Jul 23, 2015