Meet Change: The First Challenger Bank in Singapore

Friday, May 12 2017 12:00 AM

Without the legacy of traditional banks, challenger banks all over the world are offering their users a different approach to banking. N26 from Germany and Monzo from England are examples of the many challenger banks that have been created in the past few years. Although these companies are small, they are well prepared to compete with traditional banks: they promise a hassle-free banking experience, better returns, and lower fees.

While Europe has seen its challenger banks rising incredibly fast, the landscape has been very different in Asia. Change, a Singaporean based Fintech firm, aims to become the go-to place for all financial services in Southeast Asia.

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Mobile wallet:

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After downloading the Change App and setting up their account in less than 5 minutes, users can order their prepaid card. Once activated, the card will be fully integrated with Change’s mobile App allowing users to make payments, track their spending, and set saving goals. To simplify even more, Change’s cards can be used to commute in the public transportation system of Singapore.

Change’s App:


A door to investment opportunities:

Change aims to be the to-go place for personal finance, integrating an investment marketplace that allows users to invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer lending and high growth companies.

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Open beta coming soon!

Change will soon open its platform to the first beta users, and is expected to launch in July. To secure a spot and stay updated, go to

MAY 12, 2017