Police reassure summer travellers on property safety

Saturday, Jun 13 2015 05:17 PM

DUBAI: As summer sets in, people fear burglars will try to vandalise their vacant homes. However, this will be more difficult since the police have advanced protective measures towards safeguarding property.

One of the key safety measures is advising travellers on how to take care of their belongings, in addition to surveillance of their homes.

“Before you travel, deposit your jewellery and money in a safe deposit box at your bank,” advised the Assistant Commander in Charge of Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Major Gen. Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri.

He said the police have to be informed of the travelling date and destination. The safety tips and advice are also spread across various communication platforms.

“Inform your bank about your destination to avoid freezing your credit card or misusing it,” goes a piece of advice posted on Dubai Police’s Twitter account.

About home protection, the police urged residents to register their whereabouts through the website: www.dubaipolice. gov.ae or notify the CID through toll free: 800CID (800243).

Since last year, Dubai Police have developed a smart application tool for making it easy to monitor the home of anyone travelling.

“The service is applicable to the subscribers of both Android and iPhone. An individual is only required to fill in their particulars such as mobile number, email and location,” said the Director of General Directorate of electronic service, Col Khaled Naasir Al Razouqi.

“The person in need of the service can also load Google maps or a picture of the home to be protected and then forward the request.

We shall monitor the home at exactly the same day and time he wants us to monitor the house.”

According to Al Razouqi, the request will be “received directly by the team in charge of running security and shared with the CID.” 



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