Portability of Assets

Monday, Mar 19 2018 01:47 PM

What practical options do you have to hold your wealth? And where would you keep them today?

These questions have gained heightened importance in these uncertain times: currencies have been debased; an increasingly-globalised world has allowed financial contagion to spread from country to country; and too-big-to-fail banks and countries have, indeed, failed.

While holding assets in the form of real estate, high-end collectibles, bonds and equities can be a great portfolio, don’t forget to add portable assets. You know some of the advantages of diversifying your assets into precious metals or cryptocurrencies: protection against inflation, currency depreciation and poor economic policies.

Now add one more reason: portability of assets — the ability to move your assets quickly, safely and conveniently. Portable assets are easy to store, transport, and leave for your next-of-kin or descendants without losing any value or incurring any transfer fees. Portability of assets is a crucial aspect of diversification, probably one of your best strategies against geopolitical uncertainty and risk.

Your real estate is unmoveable, 10 million dollars’ worth of gold weighs about 100 kilogrammes, but 10 million dollars’ worth of investment-grade precious stones come to a handful you can easily fit into a pocket.

Where would you store precious stones such as diamonds and alexandrite? The traditional approach has been safe-deposit boxes in banks, but this outdated option simply doesn’t compare to private vaults.

With premium, offshore safe-deposit vaults, you get complete privacy, 24-hour accessibility, state-of-the-art security, ease of signup, full automation, and no interaction with staff.

Today, with their intrinsic advantages, private vaults are the way to go. Embrace change or be left behind.

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