Safe Keeping

Monday, Jun 29 2015 10:08 AM


Need a safe place for your passports, documents and jewellery? Vault@268 launched its new facility on Orchard Road in April this year, providing a safe and convenient solution for people who want a little more peace of mind where their precious belongings are concerned. We asked one of its customers, software architect ALEX MEZGIL, about his experiences using the service.

Why did you choose Vault@268 to store your valuables?

Their 24-hour depository service is very convenient for my lifestyle. There’s no upfront investment portfolio required, thus the annual fee of $1,388 for the large box is still a cheap option. I live at River Valley, so the vault is very conveniently located for me. It also has excellent security features in place.

Are you willing to share what it is you store with them?

Relatively low value but difficult to replace things such as university documents, job testimonies, old mementos, immigration documents, old passports and so on.

How easy and convenient is access to your box?

Extremely. I'm very busy with work and travel so it’s helpful to be able to access my things at any time of day, especially when I’m jet-lagged. I'm impressed by the biometrical access to the facility after 10pm, and the automated system doesn't take very long to transport the box out.


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