Societe Generale rolls out new security service

Thursday, Apr 02 2015 11:17 AM

The Management of Societe Generale Ghana has introduced the Privilege Safe Deposit Box to meet the security needs of its high net worth clients.

Societe Generale Societe Generale The Deposit Box is a world class, safe, and secure private place for customers to store their valuables or irreplaceable items.

Mrs Nathalie Douellou, Head of Products Development and Channel Distribution, speaking at the launch in Accra, said the Deposit Box offered customers the opportunity to keep precious items such as jewelry, gold and irreplaceable documents within the Bank’s Head Office. She said the safety Box could only be accessed through a three step process involving a key, a card, and a PIN and a biometric security access, using only the client’s fingerprints. “Clients are assured of confidentiality as well as they are not obliged to disclose the content of their box to anyone, including staff of the Bank,” she added. She said in addition to this unprecedented level of security, the content of each box was insured, in case of damage to the building.



Mrs Douellou said the Management of the Bank believed that the Deposit Box would be indispensable to customers who had an unfulfilled need to protect their valuables out of their homes.

Mr Clement Aryee, the Head of Privilege Banking Unit, said in line with the Bank’s Privilege offer, there were additional ongoing projects, which sought to enrich the value proposition to their clients. “These include lifestyle packages with alliance partner, financial seminars and networking soirees,” he said. He said the Privilege Service Unit undertakes proactive interaction and structured visits to clients to identify their banking needs as well as providing solution to their clients. “Clients also enjoys regular calls, which aims at maintaining and deepening the existing relationship,” he added.

Mr Francois Marchal, the Deputy Managing Director, said the product was the latest addition to the Bank’s range of services provided by the Privilege Banking Unit.He said Banking was meant to cater for the needs of all customer, hence the introduction of the Deposit Box to meet the needs of the Bank’s affluent clients. He said the commitment to provide the state of the art products and services to these clients continued to grow as a larger, more discerning affluent class emerged. 

  Mar 17, 2015