Survey finds about two-thirds of Scots leave valuables unsecured in house

Thursday, Mar 17 2016 11:51 AM


Almost two-thirds of Scots have admitted leaving valuable items unsecured in their home, according to a new survey.


Only 35% of those questioned said they had a safe in their home while others revealed they kept personal possessions in a shoebox, cupboard or under the mattress.

The figures come despite the most recent crime statistics highlighting there are an average 56 reported housebreakings every day.

The survey of 1,000 people found one in three have had valuables stolen from their property, with 63% of these people having lost jewellery and 39% having money stolen.

About a third said they had been robbed of sentimental items such as family heirlooms, photos and videos while other belongings being taken included fur coats, alcohol, statues and pressure washers.

Recent official statistics showed there were 20,607 reported housebreakings across Scotland in 2014/15.

Seamus Fahy, director of deposit box service Glasgow Vaults, which conducted the survey, said: "Thieves are certainly becoming more and more sophisticated in their efforts to target properties - making it vital for individuals to safeguard their valuables and money.

"Complete peace of mind can only be given through the use of a safe deposit box in a secure vault, which is why an increasing number of people across Scotland are turning to us to provide a convenient and affordable way to protect valuable possessions."

By PRESS ASSOCIATION11 March 2016 12.01am.

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