The Straits Times: Maid Who Stole $5,002 Found with Money Hidden Inside Her Body during Prison Check

Friday, May 10 2019 03:00 PM

To quote from The Straits Times:

"She later found a small bag containing the key to a safe and a piece of paper with the safe's numeric password written on it.

She unlocked Mr Lee's safe and stole $3,000.

Two days later, she went to Lucky Plaza shopping centre in Orchard Road and remitted $1,500 to her family in the Philippines.

She remitted the rest of the money on March 3.

She returned to Mr Lee's room three days later and stole another $5,002 from the safe."

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Placing safe boxes in residences open access to frenemy and domestic helpers, moreover, it does not protect contents from fire hazards from neighbours. Most safe boxes are light and they use a combination of PIN and an optional key, both of which are also not bound to the owner but to the bearer.

No single-phase authentication system is adequate. The solution moving forward if true security is to be achieved is to adopt a multi-phase security system, with each phase compensating for the vulnerabilities of the phase before, enhancing user privacy and security.

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