TISG: Elderly Couple Finds S$25k, Jewellery Missing from Safe on Same Day Maid Leaves Their Home

Thursday, Sep 19 2019 03:57 PM

To quote from The Independent SG:

Mr Lim’s mother had kept S$33,000 in cash and several pieces of jewellery in her safe but only found S$8,000 in cash when she checked the safe, along with some of her jewellery.

Revealing that his mother kept the key to the safe in her purse, which is usually left in her bedroom or her kitchen, Mr Lim said: “My parents feel heartbroken and betrayed. Nobody expected this. She was very close to my parents and would hug my mother and help my dad a lot. It was the first time they had ever employed a maid.”

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Placing safe boxes in residences open access to frenemy and domestic helpers, moreover, it does not protect contents from fire hazards from neighbours. Most safe boxes are light and they use a combination of PIN and an optional key, both of which are also not bound to the owner but to the bearer.

No single-phase authentication system is adequate. The solution moving forward, if true security is to be achieved, is to adopt a multi-phase security system, with each phase compensating for the vulnerabilities of the phase before, enhancing user privacy and security.

The comments are for the benefit of readers after digesting the contents of the article. Source article is at : http://theindependent.sg/elderly-couple-finds-s25k-jewellery-missing-from-safe-on-same-day-maid-leaves-their-home/?fbclid=IwAR1NhZLzx4oeKpwerAzSVhyI7vWoFgtN3MhMemrH1KnJTFSaDeNvUXUdDp4