What is Vault@268?

Thursday, Feb 05 2015 05:24 PM

undefinedWelcome to Vault@268, a page containing information about private vaults located for the first time in Singapore.

Vault@268 strongly condemns the use of these storage facilities and their safe deposit boxes for illegal purposes.

This facility will be launched in first quarter of 2015. Vault@268 is not a bank – it’s a privately owned high-tech vault that uses robotics to dispense safety deposit boxes to its customers 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The vault has 2 sizes, we offer our clients an rental rate of $888 or $1388 annually. The safety deposit boxes are housed within a vault with eight-inch thick concrete walls and Grade VIIIECB•S certification supported by ESSA.

It uses 4 security features: A biometric, radio frequency identification (RFID) card, a password and a key for personal access. Unlike a bank’s safety deposit vault, there is no wall of boxes – just a kiosk and dispenser in a secure room – and no attendant.

Automated systems are becoming popular in Europe. Where some banks are getting out of the safety deposit box business altogether, Vault@268 is configuring the business to evolve with the needs of the customers more closely.